Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dancing Fool

I love this guy. I bet he's a photog.

Wish I had moves like that.

6 months of dancing in 6 minutes:

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kate bought us a few delectable caipirinhas

So I'm tiddly and probs shouldn't be typing...

I've become incredibly disillusioned by fashion, fashion photo and fashion fabulosity.


demonstrates, pretty succinctly, what I find so disappointing about it all.

It's like the delusional queen who's convinced he's gonna be the next Madonna, or Britney, to be more au courant.

It's just painful to watch, and I even love blind conviction, but this is self fascination gone too far.

This is when fashion is just nonsense and bitchy and mean and crappy and not fun and just tacky and depressingly insecure and cheesily self satisfied and pointlessly flamboyant and irritatingly unwearable and stupidly self conscious.

But THIS Neanderthal brow bone et al might redeem...

Bon nuit.


Where is my mind?

How could I forget? Pick up the latest issue of Print Mag, not only for the rad article below, but because we have PICTURES in it -like an 8 page spread or something.

I'm really proud of these ones, they're simple and clean and I'm really into the lighting and Print did such a beautiful job printing them (surprise surprise).

Nothing more likely to take the wind out of one's sails than seeing hard won images being printed poorly.

So, thank you and yu and yu and yu.


Space Monkey

Love it.

And her Yang mirror image? The luck of it.

Bon weekend


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eat it.

Aw, she's all grown up.

It's my Kater's 30th today.

I love her SO much. I'm so proud of her, awed by her everyday. She's SO smart and sweet and patient -I really think she's a genius.

I'm lucky to have met her, honoured to love her, and thankful that we're best friends.

Gosh. Teary.

Happy day my dear (and also to Em, Ry's dad and Kate's grandpa, whose birthdays it is today as well!!)

Please enjoy the accompanying many faces of K+C...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dirty words

It used to be -feminist- was one. Thankfully only idiots now shy at being on that bandwagon.

Elitist, a very different kind of ist to the above, but it's also one of those words that's dangerous to use.

Point is, it's depressing that someone who's intelligent, articulate and doesn't put on a fake southern accent to "fit in", is considered an elitist.

Like that's a bad thing...

I've seen way better expressions of elitism Obama's just not being a loser.


Green to green.

My BF has brought a lot of unexpected loveliness into my life, most unexpected of all is a new found appreciation for plant life.

I've always been into flowers, the cut variety, in vases, that end up as a stank porridge of nastiness cuz i forget to chuck them in a timely fashion.

But fresh plants, LIVING ones, grossed me out. City girl, though and through. I thought they brought bugs into the home and mostly, I killed them through neglect.

No MORE! Now I have a plant in every room. A Bonsai, from baby, a purple heart, a dracena, some tropical looking thing, chives, and some cuttings from one of Ry's spider plants.

I have a whole garden of herbs coming from him now as well, and some heirloom toms for the roof deck.

All of this is a lead in justification for my fondness for Guerrilla Gardening.


Thursday, May 8, 2008


I haven't even finished watching it and I've got to put it up.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I feel like a blind man who can see again.

But this is it for the day, too much of a blog thing.


might be my favourite.

But Bee is pretty hilarious.

And who knew Snails were so naughty..?

Green Porno, by Isabella Rossellini for the Sundance channel.


She's so freaking hot, even as an Earthworm.


Go see it.

Standard Operating Procedure

I need to as well.

Looks like I like communicating again. Hurrah!



Being free isn't easy.

The beauty of free speech, is that it's freaking complicated.

Like with this numbskull

Everyone should indeed say whatever they please, and self-incriminate accordingly.




One of my favourite senses.

And also a highly subjective judgment of what is beautiful, excellent and aesthetically valid.

Kate and I often talk about what taste is, and disagree.

We are fascinated by those who are elite "taste-makers". Those special few who point and clap to declare something worth seeing or silently scold another thing, banishing it forever from acceptance.

I've often said that today's art form, today's truest expression of creativity is consumerism.

I suppose it's nice that it means therefore, anyone can participate -as long as you can shop.

Knowing just what to buy, which tea towel is the chicest to put in your cleverly customised kitchen cabinets, having that rare, whimsical piece of furniture, having the "daring" to take a design risk with your wallpaper; these are the current barometers of creativity. That's why "lifestyle" is such a big word these days, our lifestyle is our art form, and each of our choices, from shoes to plates to collar angle and tit size are our media.

The hipster is the quintessential form of this, hence their unabashed distaste for the non hipster -if you don't live and breath your art, you might as well not live and breathe.

That is why Chuck Palahniuk, wrote a scathing assessment of it in Fight Club. Because surely if we move away from basic urges, basic needs and impulses, toward the fluffy expertise of highly adept consumers, we lose meaning.

But a highly attuned taste-maker would say such expertise is indicative of high evolution and that trying to bear likeness to our primitive ancestors is about as analogous as trying to bear likeness to the pharoahs.

I just read this yesterday:

'Art mirrors its age, therefore it [has] to change completely as the world change[s] so vastly and so quickly. One cannot expect every decade to produce genius. The 20th century has already produced enough. A field must lie fallow every now and then. Artists try too hard to be original. That is why we have all this painting that isn't painting any more. Today is the age of collecting, not of creation"
-Peggy Guggenheim



Monday, May 5, 2008


If you can endure the masses of crap photography, click on over to

Click -put on by the Brooklyn Museum.

I sat for at least an hour going through and rating every image, and I tell you, that was an endurance piece unto itself -A mountain load of sorry excuses for exhibition-worthy photography.

I like the idea, but does it work in practice...?


Oh, and enjoy my new graphic sketches.