Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Take a pic.

It's nice when you get to work and be silly.
Sometimes we forget to.
But not today.
Not when you're wearing banana pants.

I guess the consensus is that this is creepy.

We think it's awesome.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How do you feel?

Same title.

Different bands.

10 years apart.

Glib thought:

Boys are acting like girls and girls are acting like boys and it's actually starting to stick.

Look around.

It's what art's about.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rock the Look pod cast and a nod from the people of We Can't Paint.

Kate's so freaking cute it makes me wanna squeeze her little face.

We Can't Paint is a really thoughtful and thought-provoking blog that has been kind enough to take a moment to mention us.

Oh and BTW put it on yer calendar, I'm fighting April 5 in NYC!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

24 questions

Question One:

Is it just me or is everyone more alienated than usual?

Question Two:

When we’re virtually talking to one another, are we really speaking?

Question Three:

Isn’t being vague as useless as being quiet?

Question Four:

If life is finite and love infinite, which is more important?

Question Five:

Are you afraid, or are you too scared to ask?

Question Six:

If in Vino Veritas, then who are you when you’re sober?

Question Seven:

If it feels so good being alone, then why are you together? Or, if it feels so good being alone, why are you lonely…you decide?

Question Eight:

If we’re all connected, why does everyone keep cutting the cord?

Question Nine:

If you’re not really trying your best are you really a failure when it doesn’t work out?

Question Ten:

If you don’t believe, does that mean you’re not faithful?

Question Eleven:

If you reinvent yourself, do you owe licensing fees to someone, or do you still get to be an original?

Question Twelve:

What difference does it make if I believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself?

Question Thirteen:

If this is all there is, should we just stop now or give it everything we have until there’s nothing left?

Question Fourteen:

If you have a very serious Facebook picture of yourself, do you mind if I laugh at you?

Question Fifteen:
When is enough, enough? Or let me put it this way: When should I say When?

Question Sixteen:

Are these two clich├ęs not incompatible?
History repeats itself.
Ignorance is bliss.

Question Seventeen:

If I think sex is transcendental and you think its biology, are we really doing it?

Question Eighteen:

Is there enough room in the world for me to do things my way and for you to do things your way?

I mean, really? Is there?

Question Twenty:

I don’t know you, but you’re okay by me. Is that weird?

Question Twenty-One:

I don’t know you, but I think I hate your guts. Is that okay?

Question Twenty-Two:

I think the fact that I have faith in something could spell the end of me, I know I’m not illiterate, so what went wrong?

Question Twenty-Three:

If talking inspires me, and communicating makes me feel alive, why do I feel so censored?

Question Twenty-Four:

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gator Huntin' in Texas

Little known Gator call:

And the beast arrives:

Snap snap.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Sadly, I won't be here for the bash, or for tomorrow night's Rock Your Look fashion panel that we were asked to help judge (Kate will fly solo whilst I fly to TX).

Anyway, here's our funny, retouched-to-all-hell Radar cover.



Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dance party yea!

Kate and I went to the secret dumpling spot which apparently is not so freaking secret anymore because they just refurbished all fancy like and it was jam-packed last night.

For 8 dollars two can eat like gluttonous kings, but there is a catch!

....the burps. Yup, afterwards you emit the most rank and cabbage-y burps ever. Irrepressible, and totally antisocial which is why it was unfortunate planning on our part since right afterward we went over to Fontana's for the Bust mag party.

There were complimentary absinthe cocktails, which I wasn't allowed to have, cuz it make me crazy, and then a most thrilling show by Heloise. The beautiful people were out in full effect and I'm happy to say it seems like it's finally cool to have fun again, because unlike some music shows I've been to in recent years, people were actually getting goofy and dancing!

Watch the magical stylings of H and the S F:



Monday, February 4, 2008

Turn to the left...

It's fashion week and that means hermit Kate and hermit Camilla are going to get out of the studio a bit!

Last night was Uluru NYC's DEBUT runway show. It was SO fab, so beautiful, so on point. I know it's been a mountain of work and stress for Caroline, Gaby and Joy, but it came off so smoothly, I hope they all feel very proud and satisfied.

So then Kate and I stumbled over to The Box, for the Iqons party. Lovely little hot hors d'oeurves and stoopid expensive Manhattans. We saw the handsome but grumpy Dominic from Make Me A Super Model. Which is funny, because I was just recently talking about how that was THE most boring show I've seen in a while. Painfully empty stuff.

No big surprise there.

Tonight there are a couple more do's - the Bust Party where Heloise will be performing, so that'll be extra fun and Toast's. Then I'm off to Texass. And I think it's really going to be sunny and warm!!!


Warning: Video with awful sound

Friday, February 1, 2008


Silly twitters that we are, mentioned this before the official announcement was made, so we had to take it down.


I just saw a TV show about how Kanye was a really bad sport when he didn't win a few music awards. I guess that's not cool, but people don't get to compete for VMAs and AMAs and the like without being competitive to begin with. Certainly there is a sportsgirllike way of doing things but there is something to be said for being acknowledged by your peers and being pissed off when you aren't.

So when Kate told me this morning that we were selected for Humble Arts Foundation's 31 under 31 exhibition, I was elated. Sometimes you have to wonder if the work you make is at all relevant -I can't produce in a vacuum, so if we get no response from the world, I can only assume the work isn't resonating with the world, and then I'm failing as an art/image/picture-maker.

That's why it feels so good and important to win these sorts of things -you're reminded that the work is relevant, the images do resonate, and there is connectivity again. Yes.

I feel so honoured to be selected, Humble Arts is such an exciting venue for emerging artists and I love squeezing the life out of age specific competitions!

We have a few new bodies of work in the making, and it'll be fab to exhibit our personal work, and let the commercial stuff take a back seat for a mo'.