Sunday, December 30, 2007

T'as vu..?

I've been doing my best rendition of grumpy cow face, but

it's hard to maintain the stamina of Grumplestiltskin when there are lovely, darling, loving people around to remind me that love beats grump any old day.

Truth is, you know you're an adult when Christmas isn't fun anymore.

I was talking to my man today and this is no grand revelation but I thought: since holidays like Christmas have become synonymous with happiness (among other things) it's hard for one not to become stingingly aware of the ways in which we aren't happy.

No matter how "evolved" I try to be, my family drives me bonkers, and on a good day, I can play yogi and let it wash off of me, but there are so many other stresses in my life right now, that I simply can't be that magnanimous.

Still, I sit in my home, a nest of creature comforts, and my in-loveness, brings my ire to a halt. And having just talked to Kate, my love for her reminds me that there really is a real chance for collaboration and connectivity in the world.

I worked out like crazy with G and J today. I was every so slightly sloppy and a lot bit sweaty but it felt good to battle with myself.

I feel all fragmented and weird. There are big chunks of happiness and pleasure and luck in my life, but I can feel this strange drag, an inclination to be a real butthead.

I have the urge to do another Master Cleanser, since the last time I did it it brought forth a beautiful mantra and a round, full, sense of well being. I'm blabbing and it's reminding me of the Erica Jong quote in Radar about blogs -basically how inanely egotistical and indulgent they are.

Hmm. I don't much like self consciousness.

Well, the fraudulent Tabula Rasa that is a New Year is upon us, and I will happily ride it's seductive band wagon.

Peace and a drawer full of clean knickers for all.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Munchkins and fatty bums

I have two munchkins living with me, AKA nephews. They remind me so much of Aziz (my bro) and I.

I have all these old family pictures on my fridge. One is of Aziz in full baseball gear, he's about 9, and I'm next to him, 2 years old, butt naked, except for a catcher's helmet. Gabriel, (Beebs, for short) Aziz's eldest son can't stop giggling at the picture, "daddy, you're so funny". But I'm not as funny cuz Beebs is used to chubby naked babies, since Aidan, Aziz's youngest is ALWAYS naked. His wee little bum, all milky and wobbley, hanging out as he climbs all over everyone giving sloppy little kisses. Why is it the youngest ones are always fat naked weirdos?

Anyway, I'm tired, babies are jet lagged and yelling at 6 in the morning, but it's fun having them here, they're at cool ages. Beebs is 5 but acts like a mini teen, shy and grumpy, but with cute lovey dovey moments too. Aidan is known as the bruiser (also like me) he punches and throws stuff, but then smile and cuddles apologetically when his antics go a bit too far.

Ah, the holidays.

When Beebs was first speaking he thought everything revolved around him -in a cute way- and would call Christmas: Beebsmas. We even had a Beebsmas tree. So cute.

Alright, I should get out of the office.

Happy times everybody, spread the love.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This is so unbelieveably rad.

I love him.

He's bloody brilliant.


Monday, December 17, 2007

To Cubanana

...who I met exiting the subway a few weeks ago...I'm sorry if I hugged you too much :)

When we had our blog on Nerve, certain names popped up in the feedback section most days; "Cubanana" was one of them.

It's been a while since we had that blog and this one is different so I usually don't bring things up like the fact heart is broken.

It's senseless to go into it here. Too much has happened and too much hasn't happened for me to burden our little blog with it now. But, most days, I wander around the city bleary eyed/teary eyed, in my own world; impervious to everyone and everything around me. Until about a week and a half ago...

I'm exiting the subway looking haggard and weepy, plugged deeply into my i-pod when a tall, well dressed woman beacons me across the platform. She knows my name. I blurt out, breathlessly, something stupid like "Who are you?!!". She says "Cubanana!...I read your blog!".

I remember! Like a lightening bolt, her smile and sweet openness and the way she said "Cubanana" when I can hardly hear the word "Cuban" without crying, penetrated my misery and, quite clumsily... I hugged her...tightly (I think) and kind of for a long time (smiling). I blurted something out about upcoming projects and smiled, hoping not to look too teary and...hugged her again (I think) before scurrying off.

Moral of the story is that, this is our blog (mine and Camilla's) and, sometimes people read it and for a while, I forgot that it can be about anything we want and that is a beautiful thing. So, I will post more and I will remind myself that this is our blog to do with what we please but, bear with me, cause my heart is shakey and my thoughts are scattered.


Thursday, December 13, 2007


It's a jolly day in the studio.

Got two deliveries!

One: the I.D. cover we did with Doshi Levien. It looks brill.

Two: The beauty story we did for MissBehave. It also looks brill. You can pick it up on newsstands now, it has Lydia Hearst on the cover, resplendent in Pink.

Last Sunday was the AIGA Holiday Party. It was SO much fun, lots of dancing, and there was an auction, which I can't resist, and I was lucky enough to win a custom piece by Marian Bantjes. I get to have her work her calligraphic magic on 2 words of my choosing, I haven't settled on anything yet, but I'm thinking Temet Nosce, but Blow Job comes in a close second.

We're just wrapping the Print Mag job, which looks RAD.

We're shooting all weekend, a project we're calling Fantasy Faces.

So much going on, I'm just about ready to burn out.



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Please excuse us while

we try to make this blog not look like shite.

In the meantime, I love Bryan Ferry, but this is just bizarre:

I wonder what Kara Walker would think.


Friday, December 7, 2007

What the shitballs just happened

to my fonts?

I cannot deal with this now.


Sneak tweek


Our new site is unofficially UP.

Take a look. I like a lot, but we're still making minor tweaks.

This week we shot a lovely, beautiful, subtle story for Print Mag with super astute A.D. Kristina diMatteo.

The shots are fab and it's a totally different scenario than usual.

Can't wait to tell you more, show you some.

Last night was drinkies and art at the A.D.C Xmas party where we bumped into one of our old agents -the sweet, gorgeous one. That was nice.

Bon Weekend me luvs.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm gonna punch you inna tit.

Jiminey crickets.

Today one of my Krus asked me to fight THIS Friday and I had to decline cuz I'm way over fight weight.


I've been feeling the itch again, so it was awesome to be asked but disappointing to have to say no.

So it looks like now I need to be fighting at 132lbs. Cripes. Bugger. Christmas? Ugh.

Must. Keep. Eye. On. Prize.

Have I told you lately that I f*@king love Muay Thai?

But I would never do this:



Monday, December 3, 2007

She's not lying

...she can do that, I've seen's also true that she kicked herself in the face in the process.

So, I've been AWOL for awhile it's true. In my absense, I'm sure you missed things like this...



This is one of those things that's

cool, but really not cool.

And funny, but really not funny.

And I could do it, but I really couldn't do it.

Sesshoumaru CLN 06'

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But I have kicked myself in the face trying.

Oh it makes me laugh.