Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Talkie talkie

My Baba (father, in English) was just in town. Here to take care of me a little, council us on our business and tell me I look “too fit” from boxing.

We had some good old fun, had brunch at the Maritime on Sunday, and watched the painfully anorexic waitresses snub their little bony noses at the food we ordered. Baba always finds it highly amusing when people think I’m his girlfriend, so he stood a little taller when the girls snickered as we left the terrace arm in arm, and the dudes gave him a knowing nod –funny that people’s instinct goes to Gold Digger -heavens forbid a father would want to spend quality time with his daughter …?

So last night we had a 3 hour-long! interview with the darling and exuberant Autumn Sonnichsen of Eleela Magazine. We actually talked at this interview, which is, sort of, an improvement, but it was more like ramble and rant and I’m sure we’ll get in trouble for what we said. It was difficult to do a “sexy” interview. It was kind of funny though (to us), at the end, we’re sitting on the big sofa, the sun’s setting so it’s dark in the studio and Kate and I are frazzled from a long day with lawyers and accountants and now hours of yapping about ourselves and Autumn asks us to finish with something sexy. Kate and I looked at each other, and then it was unmitigated silence for a good 2.5 minutes.

“Uhh, I dunno”, was all I could come up with.

I WAS actually trying to think of something sexy to say, then I felt stupid trying to, and then I realized this is the point, I can’t manufacture sexiness unless I’m moved to, the old blog killed something in me, but it was something that needed to die anyway, so it’s actually a very very good thing.

So that interview won’t be out for a while, but have a peek at the mag, Autumn said it can be hard to find in the US, but it’s been trailblazing the Latin American market for 38 years!

Oh. In more shop talk: you can read some more thumb-up-my-butt Kate and Camilla musings at New York Arts Magazine. The print version should have more pictures –it comes out in June.

Kiss kiss kiss kiss

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