Monday, December 17, 2007

To Cubanana

...who I met exiting the subway a few weeks ago...I'm sorry if I hugged you too much :)

When we had our blog on Nerve, certain names popped up in the feedback section most days; "Cubanana" was one of them.

It's been a while since we had that blog and this one is different so I usually don't bring things up like the fact heart is broken.

It's senseless to go into it here. Too much has happened and too much hasn't happened for me to burden our little blog with it now. But, most days, I wander around the city bleary eyed/teary eyed, in my own world; impervious to everyone and everything around me. Until about a week and a half ago...

I'm exiting the subway looking haggard and weepy, plugged deeply into my i-pod when a tall, well dressed woman beacons me across the platform. She knows my name. I blurt out, breathlessly, something stupid like "Who are you?!!". She says "Cubanana!...I read your blog!".

I remember! Like a lightening bolt, her smile and sweet openness and the way she said "Cubanana" when I can hardly hear the word "Cuban" without crying, penetrated my misery and, quite clumsily... I hugged her...tightly (I think) and kind of for a long time (smiling). I blurted something out about upcoming projects and smiled, hoping not to look too teary and...hugged her again (I think) before scurrying off.

Moral of the story is that, this is our blog (mine and Camilla's) and, sometimes people read it and for a while, I forgot that it can be about anything we want and that is a beautiful thing. So, I will post more and I will remind myself that this is our blog to do with what we please but, bear with me, cause my heart is shakey and my thoughts are scattered.


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